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decade 基本解释

名词十年,十年间; 十个一组; 十年期

decade 网络解释

1. decade:dec automatic design; 数字设备公司的自动设计

decade 双语例句

1. In the first decade of the 21st century, the GNP will double that of the year 2000, the people will enjoy an even Better-to-do life and a more or less ideal socialist market economy will have come into Being

2. Only the paranoid survive, and Cisco's top 10 network IT competitors from a decade ago are gone, he says.
他说,仅有偏执狂得以存活下来,而思科十年前的前十大网路 IT 竞争者已不复存在。

3. Loose Change: Final Cut is the most explosive, and most important, political film of the decade.

4. And it's no secret that the Japanese?whether diplomats, salarymen working in China or hip twentysomethings hanging in Shibuya?have been thoroughly fed up with it for at least a decade.

5. AMERICAN consumers have been one of the main engines of global growth for the past decade.

6. Journal of Antimicrobial Chemotherapy Advance Access publication 6 December 2005 OXE β-lactamases in Acinetobacter:the story so far Molecular Chemotherapy, Centre for Infectious Diseases, University of Edinburgh, The Chancellor's Buliding, 49 Little France Crecent, Edinburgh, EH164SB, UK The emergence of carbaoenem resistance in Acinetobacter baumannii has become a global concern since these β-lactams are often the only effectine treatment lsft against many multiresistant strains. A recent debelopmenth has the discovery of a novel group of narrow-spectrum OXA β-lactamases in carbapenem-resistant strains, some of whitch have acquired the ability to hydrolyse the carbapenems. The first of these was found in a strain isolated in Edinburgh before imipenem was in usr in the hospital. Whether these carbapenemases have been acquired or are part of the genetic make-up of this species has yet to be determined. More importantly, however, they represent an important stage in the evolution of antibiotic resistance in Acinetobacter. This paper discusses the emergence of these unusual enzymes over the past decade.
抗菌化学疗法》杂志上 2005年12月6日提前存取出版在不OXEβ-lactamases:到目前为止分子化疗,中心为传染性疾病,爱丁堡大学,议长,49岁的法国Crecent少、爱丁堡、EH16 4SB,英国 carbaoenem电阻的出现在鲍曼不动杆菌已成为全球关注这些β-lactams通常是唯一effectine对抗许多multiresistant菌株治疗lsft…最近的一debelopmenth已发现的一种β-lactamases仅OXA集团在carbapenem-resistant株,其中一些已经取得了hydrolyse能力的carbapenems第一个被发现在一株孤立在爱丁堡的药物有亚胺培南在使用之前在医院这些carbapenemases是否已经或正在部分的基因构成该物种还有待确定然而更重要的是,他们代表着一种重要阶段的抗生素耐药性的演化出不本文探讨了产生这些不寻常的酶在过去的十年。

7. I think he is going to blow our minds over and over with his musical choices over the next decade.

8. Yet in the past decade Germany and the Netherlands have trimmed or scrapped rules governing opening hours and trading practices.

9. Effects of biofertilizer on crop yield and quality are reviewed, according to the literature in the past decade.
综合分析了我国近 10年来对微生物肥料,在提高农产品产量和改良品质方面的应用效果。

10. I am an American by choice of nationality and citizenship; an Iranian by birth, a Persian by race; a Chinese by virtue of living here in Shanghai for more than a decade, having mastered the culture and three dialects of the Chinese language, not to mention that my wife and three children were born in China.

11. Radio astronomy has in the last decade opened a new window on the physical universe.

12. To solve this problem, it took them one decade and $12 million. They developed a pen that worked at zero gravity, upside down, underwater, in practically any surface including crystal and in a temperature range from below freezing to over 300 degrees C.
为了解决这个问题,太空总署花了十年时间和一千两百万美元发明了零重力下、上下颠倒拿著和在水中都能使用的笔,且能在任何一种表面书写,能耐受零度以下到摄氏 300 度以上的笔。

13. A decade later I wrote that equities were again overvalued by 20% and warned readers to trim their stockholdings.

14. But constructivism(especially Wendt's theory), which emerged in IR theories in the last decade and became influential, could be well applied to the subject of this dissertation.


15. In the next decade, Beijing most likely will field radar and ocean surveillance satellites and also may deploy an improved film-based photoreconnaissance satellite.

16. In Germany this is seen as vindication of an industrial policy that has nurtured solar power for almost a decade with incentives known as feed-in tariffs.

17. In accordance with the most authoritative dictionary of ancient Chinese coins, and numismatic hundreds of times to enlarge the use of original ancient bronze manufacturing formula, from the time-consuming since the start of 1994 more than a decade, millions of dollars of investment, and finally completed all the hand-carved all of 316013 numismatic mother eagle production.

18. The wage discreased the lowest level in the decade while the cost of medical treatment and education increased the highest point beyond the memory of men.

19. For this sake, many efforts have been focused on the electrochemical polymerization during the past decade in pure BFEE and its mixed electrolytes with strong acids such as trifluoroacetic acid or concentrated sulfuric acid, diethyl ether, alcohol or acetonitrile.

20. Interpreter: This strategic partnership of coordination between China and Russia has entered its second decade. The two countries have agreed to follow the guidance of the treaty on good neighborliness, friendship and cooperation and move forward this relationship.

decade 词典解释

1. 十年,十年期(尤指一个年代)
A decade is a period of ten years, especially one that begins with a year ending in 0, for example 1980 to 1989.

e.g. ...the last decade of the nineteenth century.
19 世纪的最后 10 年

decade 单语例句

1. decade

1. China's top business school is ready to accelerate its global development in the next decade, in a bid to help promote the expansion strategy of Chinese companies.

2. His reward was to become the first in a decade to vanquish Phelps in a major international 200m butterfly final.

3. decade是什么意思

3. " That means we lead all our competitors by at least a decade, " said Li.

4. By contrast, most formerly East European countries have boomed and joined the EU in the past decade.

5. decade

5. Pershing said the $ 30 billion pledged by rich countries are 10 times as much money as they have provided over the course of last decade.

6. Shanghai's licence plate auction is authorized by a local vehicle administration regulation passed by the city's congress a decade ago.

7. American educators hope to double the number of students abroad by the end of the next decade.

8. But the young people were doing calisthenics at least a decade old.

9. People in China responded to the WRC call at the beginning of this decade.

10. Cameroon was plunged into grief by the sudden death of the midfielder, an unsung hero of the country's dominant position in African football over the last decade.

decade 英英释义


1. the cardinal number that is the sum of nine and one
the base of the decimal system

Synonym: ten 10 X tenner

2. decade的反义词

2. a period of 10 years

Synonym: decennary decennium

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