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exception 基本解释

名词例外,除外; 反对,批评; [法律]异议,反对

exception 相关词组


1. by way of exception : 作为例外;

2. with the exception of : 除...之外;

3. take exception : 反对, 有反感;

4. without exception : 无例外地;

exception 相关例句


1. Your statement is liable to exception.

2. We praised them all, with two exceptions.

3. Most children like sweets, but there are some exceptions.

4. Most of us have had measles, but I am an exception.

5. He works every day, with the exception of Sunday.

exception 网络解释


1. 异常处理:本章我们将介绍一下Java的另外两个机制:多线程(Multithread)和异常处理(Exception). 本章前半部分是关于Thread这一基本类以及一套先进的同步原语的介绍,它们使得利用Java编写多线程大为方便. 在本章的后半部分我们将介绍Java的异常处理机制(Exception),

2. exception:exc; 例外处理任务等级

exception 双语例句

1. No, you're not fond of seeing your best-laid plans go amiss, but how about making an exception? Bet you'll be glad you did....

2. Anywhere near a bank. Can't you make an exception for me?

3. Those of you who did not see it once or more theatrically are the exception rather than the rule.


4. At some point of time, exception handler needs to destroy the exception (after the catch block is invoked).

5. An exception is raised at the point where the error is detected; it may be handled by the surrounding code block or by any code block that directly or indirectly invoked the code block where the error occurred.

6. But in the process, with the exception of March 11, the extreme volume shrinking.


7. In the last part of this paper, an instance of the workflow exception handling process is demonstrated by a flow in our system.

8. It is unclear what should happen if a destructor itself throws a new exception during this process.

9. By introducing the principle of application design, process design and exception design, the author explain the system function, target and software structure.

10. If a debugger is attached to a process, then the unhandled exception filter

11. The only exception is the process member function. Its parameter resolves to the incomplete type Outer.
唯一的例外是成员函数 process,它的形参确定为不完全类型 Outer。

12. With the exception of the third Imam, Husayn, who became Imam after his brother abdicated his claim to the caliphate, the Imamate has been passed down from father to son.

13. My impression from the sophomore class from the girls have boyfriends on without exception, are found outside of class or school, and only half of boys in a girlfriend.

14. Designed by the famous 371 rooms of refined elegance, with the exception of China's blend of romantic poetry and the West, but also into the Guangxi Zhuang Accor style bamboo for musicians all over the floor to add a lot of visual feast, and fully convey ShopThruPost and inclusive culture.

15. Relieves pain to the lumbago, ischialgia, menorrhalgia (belong to the cold certificate without exception) not only the hot pack being able to relieve arthrosis pain, a hot-water bag is set free getting along in part pain, every time 20 minutes, 1~also may relieve pain obviously 2 time every day, ; To twisting, dampening the subcutaneous haematoma bringing about, in being wounded using the hot-water bag hot pack 24 hours the day afer tomorrow, can boost subcutaneous extravasated blood admitting.

16. All the three yin meridians of the hand come out of the axillae without exception, all the three yin meridians of foot run along the entral aspect.

17. All the three yin meridians of the hand come out of the axillae without exception, all the three yin meridians of foot run along the ventral aspect.

18. 63CF Is there an emergency exception/deviation procedure to prevent the production of non-conforming products?


19. January arrives at 2 month in 2008 on 12th 12th, He Ping Xiang suffers to the large area frost disaster, entire countryside suffers loss to varying degrees, the people of Shiroishi Village bridge group drinks a project suffering freezing long range encroachment, damaged waterpipe unable usage, the masses life uses water to be in a paralysis, ice melts water during the past more than one months without exception by melting drink, recover since not having a fund, the masses can only carry water to the place besides one kilometre solving with water problem at present.
2008年元月12日到2 月12日,和平乡遭受到大面积的冰冻灾害,全乡遭受不同程度的损失,白石村桥顿组人饮工程遭受冰冻的长期侵害,水管破损无法使用,群众的生活用水处于瘫痪,一个多月来均靠融冰化水饮用,由于没有资金恢复,目前群众只能到一公里之外的地方挑水解决用水问题。

20. Every individuals all have a fond dream, I neither exception.

exception 词典解释

1. 例外;除外
An exception is a particular thing, person, or situation that is not included in a general statement, judgment, or rule.

e.g. Few guitarists can sing as well as they can play; Eddie, however, is an exception...
e.g. There were no floral offerings at the ceremony, with the exception of a single red rose...

2. 不例外;无例外
If you make a general statement, and then say that something or someone is no exception, you are emphasizing that they are included in that statement.

e.g. Marketing is applied to everything these days, and books are no exception...
e.g. Most people have no real idea how to change to healthy food, and Maureen was no exception.


3. 证明普遍性的例外;规则必有例外
If you are making a general statement and you say that something is the exception that proves the rule, you mean that although it seems to contradict your statement, in most other cases your statement will be true.

e.g. Wine-making and accountants don't usually go together, but Thierry Hasard is an exception that proves the rule.

4. 反感;厌恶
If you take exception to something, you feel offended or annoyed by it, usually with the result that you complain about it.

e.g. He also took exception to having been spied on...
e.g. And the problem is that they take exception to any kind of noise whatsoever.

5. 除…之外;不包括…在内
You use with the exception of to introduce a thing or person that is not included in a general statement that you are making.

e.g. Yesterday was a day off for everybody, with the exception of Lawrence...
e.g. In virtually every sport, with the possible exception of women's gymnastics, the players are now bigger and stronger than before.

6. 毫无例外;无一例外
You use without exception to emphasize that the statement you are making is true in all cases.

e.g. The vehicles are without exception old, rusty and dented...
e.g. Almost without exception those convicted were our friends and colleagues.

exception 单语例句

1. The temple is a stately and graceful exception to the new economic bustle of Huaihe Road.

2. A tigress took exception when two keepers shifted her recently introduced mate out of her cage.

3. Sachs said the financial crisis is having " a very negative impact " for overall car sales in the world and no brand could make an exception.

4. That almost all cities that once banned firecrackers have made the annual Spring Festival an exception reveals how indispensable firecrackers are to the Chinese celebration.

5. One exception was a taxi driver who greeted me in English and offered me a card printed in both Chinese and English.

6. exception

6. The overall pattern of daily threats to civic life remains basically unchanged, with the conspicuous exception of traffic accidents.

7. The security exception clause says a country cannot be stopped from taking any action it considers necessary to protect its security interests.

8. The Colombian joie de vivre has always been what drives these South American people and China's small but flourishing expat community is no exception.

9. Americans do not often use the phrase, but there was an almost comical exception when Senator John McCain visited England last year.

10. exception在线翻译

10. Steep prices and a rising cost of living are a reality for most people nowadays, and young couples are no exception.

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