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7. The Outline styles from 1 to 10 are automatically applied to the text as you insert it.


8. Supported effects which can be processed in batch mode include: Adjust HSL, Adjust RGB, Blend, Brightness, Buttonize, Color Depth, Contrast, Crop, Draw Text, Motion Blur, Mosaic, Perspective, Pinch, Posterize, Resample, Resize, Ripple, Rotate, Sharpen, Soften, Solarize, Swirl, Auto Contrast, Blur, Diffuse, Dilate, Emboss, Equalize, Erode, Flip, Median, Mirror, Negate, Outline, Replace Colors, Colorize, Merge.
支持的影响可以处理在批处理模式包括:hsl调整,调整的RGB ,共混物,亮度,buttonize ,颜色深度,相反,作物,制定文本,运动模糊,马赛克,角度来看,箍缩,posterize ,重采样,大小,纹波,旋转,锐化,柔化,曝光,漩涡,自动调整对比度,模糊,弥漫性,扩张,emboss ,平衡,削弱,倒装,中位数,是一面镜子,否定,纲要,取代的颜色,colorize ,合并。

9. Each time you press Tab the line indents to the next outline level.
每次按下 Tab 键,相应的行缩进到下一个大纲级别。

10. I do not have a detailed course outline for this course.

11. A detailed outline of the research paper.

12. And from system demand analysis, system analysis, outline design, detailed design entire performance history

13. This article introduced the rental car management outline design, detailed design as well as function realization.

14. In detail introduction the development process of system analysis, system analysis, design outline, the detailed design of the entire.

15. In this paper, an outline for the synoptic SEA of GWD is put forward as the inception of environmental impacts assessment of GWD strategy.

16. The present paper introduced a broad outline of the diversity of protozoa on the globe, the position in the biology and the relation to the human being.

17. According to the regulation of the Outline, the judges has no right to refuse any case.


18. The Bill of Right of the Outline had six clauses. It refered to the most important liberties and rights of citizen.


19. On this text I will give my plain views about The outline of imperial constitution in political reformation in the late Qing Dynasty.


20. Constitutional Outline Made by the Imperial Order was an important constitution document in late Qing Dynasty, it was the gambling product of all kinds of political forces, the generation of the outline was reasonable in some degree.

outline 词典解释

1. 概述;概括
If you outline an idea or a plan, you explain it in a general way.

e.g. The mayor outlined his plan to clean up the town's image...
e.g. The methods outlined in this book are only suggestions.

2. 概要;梗概
An outline is a general explanation or description of something.

e.g. Following is an outline of the survey findings...
e.g. The proposals were given in outline by the Secretary of State.

3. (因背后的光线)显示…的轮廓(或外形)
You say that an object is outlined when you can see its general shape because there is light behind it.

e.g. The Ritz was outlined against the lights up there...
e.g. It was a beautiful sight outlined above the starry sky.

4. outline的意思

4. (尤指模糊的)轮廓,外形
The outline of something is its general shape, especially when it cannot be clearly seen.

e.g. He could see only the hazy outline of the goalposts.

outline 单语例句

1. The new approach uses a miniature camera mounted on the earpiece of a person's eyeglasses, which projects a minified outline version of a wider visual field.

2. The outline calls for authorities to use social capital to invest in the cultural industry and participate in the construction of major cultural projects.

3. The country should also outline an unequivocal road to promote an essential shift of its economic development strategy from commodity export to capital export.

4. outline

4. Cardiac catheterization allows a specialist to see an outline of the coronary arteries and determine the extent of blockages in these vessels.


5. I hope China will categorically outline her stance on vital international issues.

6. outline

6. Adam's outline also complained that the governor can't question people who would help his case, such as President Barack Obama's chief of staff Rahm Emanuel.

7. outline的反义词

7. One year it went to a hound that was no more than a chalk outline in " Dogville " by Denmark's Lars von Trier.

8. outline的反义词

8. The revisions also outline penalties for organized cheating conducted by teachers, as well as those who facilitate cheating by providing exam content.

9. outline

9. He was obliged to appear in parliament to outline his political plans after the opposition collected enough signatures calling for him to do so.

10. The three plaintiffs said the bureau's Outline for Beijing's Transportation Development goes against the Administrative Licensing Law and thus should be made invalid.

outline 英英释义


1. a schematic or preliminary plan

Synonym: schema scheme

2. a sketchy summary of the main points of an argument or theory

Synonym: synopsis abstract precis

3. outline的意思

3. the line that appears to bound an object

Synonym: lineation


1. describe roughly or briefly or give the main points or summary of

e.g. sketch the outline of the book
outline his ideas

Synonym: sketch adumbrate

2. outline的解释

2. trace the shape of

Synonym: delineate limn


3. draw up an outline or sketch for something

e.g. draft a speech

Synonym: draft

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